Deluxe Hybrid Kilt for Women - Tartan Box Pleated

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  • Materials and Features
  • Cloth: Cotton
  • Pockets:Cargo Dispatched Pockets
  • Pleat:Box Pleat
  • Cloth:Contrast Camouflage Trim
  • Belt Loops:2.25 Inches
  • Button & Hardware:Rust Free
  • Embroidery:Scottish Lion on Pocket

Deluxe Hybrid Kilt for Women - Tartan Box Pleated | Gallery 

Whether you're a working woman who needs additional pockets to help her get through the day or simply love the look of blended hybrid kilts, the Deluxe Hybrid Kilt is going to become your new favorite kilt. A perfect mixture of classic tartan kilts and the rugged style of utility kilts, this hybrid kilt features a cotton cloth that comes in a single color of your choice from eight beautiful hues. Whichever color you choose will hide beneath it one of 32 tartan choices, offering a sneak peek of anything from bright reds to earthy tones and vibrant yellows. When you move, more of this style will be revealed. Completely made to measure to ensure an accurate fit, the Deluxe Hybrid Kilt comes with cargo-dispatched pockets on the side to help store your essentials. This pocket is embellished with our signature Scottish Lion that adds a beautiful finishing touch. The box pleat is responsible for hiding away the striking tartan and offers unique depth to the look.


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