Tartan Kilts

Length You Prefer - Design You Like!

Tartan has become the main symbol of Scotland and Scottish Culture.

Tartan has also become the essential part of the modern clothing and designer's choice. Kilts were originally made by the pure wool,

now kilts are made in acrylic wool and other fabrics for easy maintenance and handling. It is an ideal kilt for casual occasions or even for sporting events.

Starting at $49

A little bit traditional and a little bit modern

Hybrid Tartan Kilts


You love the look of a Classic Tartan Plaid Kilt because it represents your cultural heritage as a proud Scotsman.

At the same time, you love the ruggedness and modern appeal of Hybrid Tartan Kilts.

How can you ever decide which one to buy? Well with the Tartan Box Pleated Hybrid Kilt, you don’t have to choose at all!Our fashion-forward hybrid.

Starting at $110


those who love traditional style!

The 8 yard kilt is the ultimate in traditional Scottish wear.

Produced from the finest acrylic wool, these kilts look dramatic at even the most formal occasions.

Our kilt shop is constantly bringing in new kilts for you to go peruse, giving you the chance to find new and exciting kilts to wear to your next big event.

Starting at $70

living in the new age of kilts

Modern day kilts are easily accessible for those living in the new age of kilts.

They are perfect for those who are looking for a fresh and exciting manner to don their kilts.

Each kilt is made from the highest quality materials that are sure to last for years to come, and they can be made to order.

Starting at $60

I Love Tartan

Tartan Fabric


Tartan is a historically and culturally significant pattern that is made of up crossing horizontal and vertical bands or threads of colours..Tartans were historically made with woven wool; however, today they can consist of most other materials.

It is estimated that there are nearly 7,000 different tartans that exist, with around 150 new ones created each year. We are adding new tartans in our inventory and also accept custom orders. Browse our collection of tartans and orders yours!

Starting at $12